AUVSI SUAS Competition Stats

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Hello all, Here are our AUVSI SUAS competition stats from last Friday (19 June 2015)… I should note that everybody had RF issues for some reason or another. Anyway, enjoy the gallery.  This is actually my first time using it … Continued

Late UAV Power Supply Post

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I don’t think I’m going to go into the belabored details about how this power supply is designed. Here is the link for the github source files.  Sorry you’ll have to generate the BOM yourself from the xml file. As … Continued

Weekly Post – 31 May 2015

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Hello and welcome to the May 31st post! I am in week 10 of my academic quarter system, and I’m feeling the stress.  I believe the UAS team can relate with this. We were testing both days out of our … Continued

Weekly Update – 24 May 2015

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Well, here is a weekly blog as planned (never mind that it is a bit late.) As promised, I have one lackluster photo from the technical journal. I don’t actually possess the full technical journal for one reason or another … Continued

Lack of Weekly Posts

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Hello, and sorry about the lack of weekly posts. Apparently, it’s more difficult to get out weekly posts than I had previously imagined. So I think I’ll just recapitulate on what we have been doing so far on the UAS … Continued

Weekly Update – 2 May 2015

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So I guess I’ve made it a thing for myself to blog on a weekly basis.  So I’ll start with last week.  It doesn’t really surprise me that both of these developments came about in a single day. Connection Bonding … Continued

Bison 1 flight test is a go!

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The Bison 1 flight test on this Thursday (23 April 2015) went as expected.  The plane flew with minor tweaks needed. The plane did crash once upon landing after the front landing gear broke its guide wires, but the nosecone … Continued

UAS Fundraising

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If you haven’t recieved the emails blasting out our link, good news!  Here’s a blog post about it! If you want to skip all of my words please donate to our indiegogo campaign! Purpose We, the students who put … Continued