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Hello, This is going to be a very short post. I just wanted to say that I’m still alive. What were you doing? A lot of this may not make sense, but you can safely ignore it. bLC3 SoC changes … Continued

Kossel Delta 3d Printers

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Update (January 26): Autoleveling is working. Update (January 27): Added packaging photos. Update (February 5):  Extruder Challenges Hello everyone, (I’m sure nobody actually reads my blog, but I don’t mind listening to myself talk.  It’s especially entertaining in the shower.) … Continued

AtTiny85 SD Card Wav Player

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Hello there, I haven’t been posting too much, and most of this has been the lack of anything interesting (for me at least).  Administrating “The UAV Project” had been quite a hassle.  Not to mention, the years of project-buildup have … Continued

GIFs That Nobody Should Really Know About

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Hello there, I really haven’t been posting much, huh?  It makes me wonder why I’m paying for this.  (I’m kidding of course, I like having a website.) Anyway, here are some GIFs that you probably shouldn’t share with your friends … Continued

2015 Summer Vacation

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Hello guys, As we know, all engineers will need a break from time to time.  I hope this is enough of a break to get me going again.  I’m back from my family summer vacation (at least, the portion spent … Continued