Why leave UCR UAS?

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If you haven’t heard the news recently, I would like to welcome you to whatever inner circle of confidants I may have. For the past — three years or so, I’ve been involved in “The UAV project.”  This started out … Continued

GIFs That Nobody Should Really Know About

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Hello there, I really haven’t been posting much, huh?  It makes me wonder why I’m paying for this.  (I’m kidding of course, I like having a website.) Anyway, here are some GIFs that you probably shouldn’t share with your friends … Continued

AUVSI SUAS Competition Stats

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Hello all, Here are our AUVSI SUAS competition stats from last Friday (19 June 2015)… I should note that everybody had RF issues for some reason or another. Anyway, enjoy the gallery.  This is actually my first time using it … Continued

Weekly Update – 2 May 2015

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So I guess I’ve made it a thing for myself to blog on a weekly basis.  So I’ll start with last week.  It doesn’t really surprise me that both of these developments came about in a single day. Connection Bonding … Continued

Bison 1 flight test is a go!

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The Bison 1 flight test on this Thursday (23 April 2015) went as expected.  The plane flew with minor tweaks needed. The plane did crash once upon landing after the front landing gear broke its guide wires, but the nosecone … Continued

New WordPress Site Transisitoning

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First person for the win! If you haven’t noticed the extreme downtime between the two hosts, please visit me more often. (ヘ_ _)ヘ  But if you have, I apologize.  I have been working my butt off recently. IEEE UCR Updates Yes, … Continued

Experiments with WDS

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It’s actually surprisingly easy to add WDS (assuming that nothing goes wrong like it always does). Hardware Primer As an AUVSI-UCR default, we go with Ubiquiti products.  This is mainly because we saw that other teams, CUAir is an example, extensively … Continued