Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness (FPGA’s)

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Hello all,

It’s b(k)lu here.

I should mention that I’ve been fortunate enough to get a job.  I’m working to create software for planes.  It’s a bit tedious because most safety-related systems involve mountains of documentation — and the code is mostly comments and fairly little code (although, most of the comments are in the “design” and not the code).

So I guess I’ll be posting fairly little since I’m busy and everything…

But before I go, I should post a correction to my 3d printer escapades.  It’s apparently a very good idea to have filament cooling… (whoops)  The following is a picture of my printer with the combined hotend cooler / filament cooler.  Sorry I couldn’t take more.  It’s held on with magnet wire and some foam tape.  Never mind that foam tape doesn’t stick very well to curved surfaces of a sufficiently small diameter.

Oh right, I forgot to mention that I may or may not be on YouTube.  I have a long way to go and a few speaking impediments to overcome before I can do YouTube videos well — something about speaking into a camera makes me quite anxious.

They’re not the most entertaining videos — I really do try to throw things in every once in a while to keep things fun.  Maybe I’ll do what This Old Tony does and throw in subliminal messages to subscribe to my channel?

Oh yeah, and I’ve been playing with FPGA’s.  It seems another part of the company might actually be using them — more fun for me or more suffering?  I can’t say that I’m very satisfied with their current project.

It was nice talking with you.

— bklu

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