Lack of Weekly Posts

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Hello, and sorry about the lack of weekly posts.

Apparently, it’s more difficult to get out weekly posts than I had previously imagined. So I think I’ll just recapitulate on what we have been doing so far on the UAS and probably with the IEEE.



IEEE UCR hosted its first region 6 meeting on May 2nd.  I didn’t really post about this because of my lack of involvement with that specific task and its preparation.  After I called it quits on having a stream up (it was unreliable), there really wasn’t a big reason for me to be there.  Networking and actually having a few social interactions is an important thing, but so is getting sleep after an all-nighter of UAV.

UAS Things

I don’t think it would be wise for me to say anything about our flight platform on the moment.

But hey, the software integration works to a certain extent.  A large portion of our ails are caused by non-atomic file system operations.  And by that, I mean that it seems that the files that are created and written to before transferring are still being written to while transferring.  This can be fixed through creating a delay before the files are declared “ready” to have their MD5 sums calculated and transferred along with their MD5’s.  This can also be fixed through an atomic filesystem operation such as renaming.  (Or it can be ignored and we can have files on the ground be different than the files in the air and generate “recalculate and re-transfer” commands for the air.)

We are also working on our technical journal.  Maybe I’ll have pictures very soon?

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