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If you haven’t recieved the emails blasting out our link, good news!  Here’s a blog post about it!

If you want to skip all of my words please donate to our indiegogo campaign!


We, the students who put our efforts into making our Unmanned Aerial System, have been needing a consistent source of funding in order to build and maintain our project.  The money that is provided to the Unmanned Aerial System is put towards materials, equipment, and travel.  We are located an entire coast from where the competition is held, so travel and shipping expenses for us are most likely a lot higher than that of other universities.  Our equipment has to be redundant, reliable, and robust.  So it is only natural that we will spend money on different items in the unmanned aerial system to acquire hardware that is to par with the stringent requirements set by our engineers in training.  The raw materials necessary to prototype, test, and produce our UAVs are a cost factor as well.  Without the proper materials, it is very difficult to create a UAV that can perform the tasks reliably and efficiently.  It is even more difficult to engineer solutions around inadequate or missing materials.

The main source of our funding thus far has been grants and coorperate sponsorship, but it is important for the individual to be involved in funding our project.  We stand by the principle that this project can not be possible without the individual effort of each and every one of our team members, their family, their friends, and their peers.  That is why we want the individual to be part of our fundraising campaign.  And that is why we believe that it is not only the coorperate sponsors that should have benefits from contributing to a part of our project.  But to clarify, we do not recieve any part of the tuition that students pay towards their education.

What You Get

With money donated towards our project, it is only fair that something is given in exchange for the money.  Although “thank you’s” and sentiments are much appreciated even amongst engineers, it becomes necessary to receive something physical as a manifestation of our warm regards.  That is why our campaign rewards beyond the ten-dollar mark include physical items.

By all means, the rewards that are provided are very good incentives for donating in the first place.  Believe it or not, we have had multiple occurrences of people stealing 3D printed parts when we go exhibit them; everybody wants a 3D printed trinket of some sort.

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