Site Downtime and Multi-WordPress

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If it isn’t clear by now that I’m using wordpress, I hate to be the first to mention it.

From what I hear about the security issues and such with wordpress, it works as long as you do not have “shady plugins.”  So, I will attempt to limit the plugins that I install.  I also hear that most of the issues have been fixed.  I don’t know.  I’d rather state that ignorance is bliss (and that PHP has its flaws.)

But aside from that, it has been a rather eventful bunch of configuration variables and SQL editing to get everything working as it should.  Sorry it took so long.  I’d rather do everything that I have done on a “test” server, but I don’t think it would be very easy to emulate the specific setup present here with a simple server.

So here’s a basic outline of what I have done:

  • Move wordpress into the root directory of the website
  • (Kind of) set up subdomains for everything else

And I say kind of because it is not exactly done yet.  The DNS records have to propogate before WordPress’s multi-domain setup will mention something about registration being closed.  (And it is closed unless you have the proper contacts.)

That’s pretty much it.  I could go into details (that I don’t remember) about various configuration caveats and how apache’s mod_rewrite wasn’t exactly working for me because of a bum configuration variable within the .htaccess file in the root direcotry of this website, but I’d rather not.

Once again, sorry if you noticed.  Sayonara.

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