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First person for the win!
If you haven’t noticed the extreme downtime between the two hosts, please visit me more often. (ヘ_ _)ヘ  But if you have, I apologize.  I have been working my butt off recently.

IEEE UCR Updates

Yes, we have been doing a lot of work recently.  I was in charge of the micromouse livestream!

Sorry the mic wasn’t set right for a large portion of the stream.  I only noticed when my laptop fan turned on.

Update: I’ve also been informed that the spelling of “competitor” is not “competetor.”  You must excuse my mistake.  I was extremely tired, and rather upset.

But hey, here is the promotional video (which is pretty much just a highlights reel).

The actual live event gets a bit boring, but you can find it on the IEEE UCR Youtube if you wish.

UAS Updates

We finished our first prototype foamie plane!  It took a bit more work than we would have liked, and we still don’t have our wing mounts sorted out completely, but we could just 3D print them in the meantime if we don’t mind the extra weight, right?

The plane flew well, and we are proud of our new accomplishment.  I’d like to personally thank the person who essentially donated a few tire weights to us, but I don’t really know his name.  ☆⌒(>。≪)


The antenna tracker seems to be built!  Here is a horrible rendering of it:


(I accidentally left the pan table transparent, but nobody needs to know about that.)  And I do know that this is a very undetailed rendering as far as parts go.  Hey, I completed the main design portion of it within a week, and it’s just as horrible as it should sound because I’m very slow with Solidworks.  I – it’s not like I’m too embarrassed to share my revolting Solidworks assembly or anything.  Y – you can have it if you want, I guess.

Meanwhile, the plane itself is also taking shape.  (Photocredit goes to Brian Ho from UCR.)


And yes, they are building on top of our micromouse minimaze.  This is fine.

No big complaints or anything.  Everything seems to be taking shape pretty well.  You can find more details about the plane and our design process through… talking with people.  (‘﹏*๑)  I’ll do my best to try to describe the design to you, but I’m a bit opinionated.

The UAV design is a boomstick’d H-tail with a a pusher configuration.  (You can hear the turbulence from the wings when prototype 0 was flying.)

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