Bison 1 flight test is a go!

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The Bison 1 flight test on this Thursday (23 April 2015) went as expected.  The plane flew with minor tweaks needed. The plane did crash once upon landing after the front landing gear broke its guide wires, but the nosecone … Continued

UAS Fundraising

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If you haven’t recieved the emails blasting out our link, good news!  Here’s a blog post about it! If you want to skip all of my words please donate to our indiegogo campaign! Purpose We, the students who put … Continued

New WordPress Site Transisitoning

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First person for the win! If you haven’t noticed the extreme downtime between the two hosts, please visit me more often. (ヘ_ _)ヘ  But if you have, I apologize.  I have been working my butt off recently. IEEE UCR Updates Yes, … Continued