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This is the second or third reincarnation (and I’m pretty sure this is going to last) of a website in general that I have done.  This time, I guess, it’s on an actual commercial server.  And email forwarding is configured.  Automatic updates are also a capability.  Life is good.

More or less, this is just a personal blog about the various things that I do.  I’ve linked it as bklu.me mostly because of the strong association of most of the things that I do to the UAV project at UC Riverside.  Although this is meant to be a personal blog of sorts; most of my life is dedicated to the UAV project.  In the long term, I hope that it is possible for me to move the posts to another blog.

Other than that, I don’t think there’s much to say.  I’ll try to find a picture or something to make this more interesting.

beyond moonflower

About Me

Me?  You want to know about me???  O – okay!

Picture of Brandon

Name Brandon K. Lu
Age 21
Birthday July 21
Gender Male
Occupation: UC Riverside Student
ECRR Embedded Systems Engineer
Blood Type B+
Height 170cm
Three Sizes C 83, W 67, H 87 (cm)
Favorite Food Beef Stroganoff
Disliked Food Brussell Sprouts
Hobbies Stargazing
Electronic Creations
Dere Type Tsundere
Charm Point His Cheeky Humor
Contacts Blog
 University Website

I – it’s not like I wanted you to ask or anything.


Q: How are you doing?

A: Well, I’m breathing.  I have a pulse.  I most likely slept the day before.  I’ve been eating well enough.  I’m doing well, I guess… at least physically.

Q: What were your previous websites like?

A: I first got into websites and stuff from Blogspot.  Naturally, I didn’t have much to post, so it didn’t have a lot of things going on.  But I did learn about CSS and became proficient enough at modifying it.

My next step involved the Apache2 server for a security camera system, and I honestly didn’t know much about what I was doing.

I then got into Linux and stuff.  It was some time around then that I decided to program my own content management system.  It was pretty craptastic, to be honest.  But it worked and I could post things.  It didn’t have much on it though, so I basically abandoned the idea of having my own CMS.

I did dabble in MediaWiki before using WordPress, and it is very useful for organizing information in a way that’s consistent and informative.  (Maybe I should get a MediaWiki up for projects that I want to be reproducible?)

My idea of having a wordpress came from various friends having their wordpresses.  Andrew Ong has his Speedy Signals.  Green Ye has his Micromouse USA.  Meanwhile, I have my little chintzy blogs.

My first wordpress came on my home computer.  I recently deleted the database and content on it, and I regret nothing.  Although, I wish I could have retrieved the posts.  They were at least mildly entertaining.

This may actually be the website with the most content so far.  (Especially because all of my important things are tucked away somewhere on this site!)

Q: What inspired you to be an engineer?

A: Well, my grandpa was a significant influence in my life as an engineer…  He would buy me electronics kits all the time, and I eventually (after 5+ years) got good at hooking up electronics.  My favorite by far at the time was digital electronics because they weren’t very hard.

Part of it was the awesome things that you could do with engineering.  Back in the day, I discovered ELM by ChaN when I was around thirteen years old, and I thought it was the most incredible thing in the world.

I was also able to discover that the Nintendo Wii could be hacked to play bootlegged games using a modification using Atmel microcontrollers.  And part of this modification was making your own parallel port ATMega8 programmer.  I still have it around somewhere in my room.

I eventually became insane enough and created a Game Club LED Sign for my local “Game Club” in high school.  This was a simple sign with an NE555 timer driving a relay (through a MOSFET).  Apparently, trying these crazy things out as teenagers really struck a cord in my high school friends, and Alex Hesselgrave (he doesn’t have a blog for some reason) was apparently inspired to go to Electrical Engineering as well.

I guess what I mean to say is… inspiration is in some ways like recursion.  In order to get recursion, you have to get recursion.  In order to have inspiration, you must have inspiration.  Many times, you start out with inspiration to make something that inspires you more.  However, when this net-sum becomes negative (you start out with inspiration and end up with less inspiration after you do something), something is wrong.

Q: What is hosted on this domain?

A: None of your business.


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